Lost Call Recordings From Iphone /Android Phone?

We very well know the value of call recordings in 21st century. As for small business call recordings are very impotent and if its lost then it can cause huge problems. We provide best forensics solutions for this types of data loss.


Loosing memories from your phone is not a big deal anymore!

We recover your contact, photos, messages, Audio, Video or any other document from your android, iPhone or tablet from physically damaged and logically damaged data loss scenario. Regardless of which Mobile device you’re using, Techchef will help you recover your important information and provide you with exceptional results.


Trust and security is most important step!

We ensure transparency of information in recovery processes. We strictly adhere to the INFORMATION SECURITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM guidelines. Throughout recovery, Arihant Data Recovery preserves the integrity of your information and prevents more damage to the device.

  • Despite the lack of moving parts, hence the name solid state drives, SSDs can get hot, really hot. If you don’t pay attention to high temperature readings from your SSD you could be speeding up it’s death. In such case it is advised to use drive in low temperature. 

  • Data corruption within an SSD can cause the drive to fail. This leads to a loss of data.

    Solid State Drive failures include bad sectors, damage from viruses, short circuits and corrupt data.
    Firmware upgrades can fail. Eventually causing the drive to stop working. However, this is rare.

  • If drive is failing from inside it will makes system slow, Sometimes it crashes and starting to heat up.
    Some Drives are making sounds though it detects but it has stared damaging.

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