Frequently asked questions
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Inward Process

 How to reach you?

You can contact us on our Phone : +91 - 9426824365 .
You can also find us on map from contact us.

What is Process for Inward a hardware?

We have simplified our process for ease. All you have to do is registering  your device to our company located in Vasna , Ahmedabad - 380007.

 What is process for remote located customers?

Yes we have arranged a system for our remotely located customers. They can simply send us a courier to our location in Ahmedadbad. We will register and let you inform once we receive your device.

What is Inward process and what is it for?

Your hard drive gets labeled with your job number and entered into our database so we can track it through the lab and give you instant updates when you need to know the status..

Free Analysis

 Analysis is totally free?

Yes unless your HDD has media opened (Hardware opened) the analysis is totally free of cost. 

Is it worth if it is free?

Yes we works on worlds latest data recovery tools so it is totally worth it. We already have satisfied more then 3500+ customers.

What are the chances of data recovery?

Mostly asked question is what are the chances of data recovery, Yes it is based on individual devices and problem statement. We analyzes your device which takes approximately 2-3 working days and give you proper guideline according to your device's condition. We can surly say that we have recovered more 

Recovery Authorization

 How do I get started with data recovery process?

Once we analyse your device we will surly acknowledge you with price, process time,types of data, approx size of data etc. Once you approve and give it go then we will start our data recovery process.

What if in any case you don't want to give it go?

In such case if customer don't want to give it go we will return the hardware and there will be no checking cost. For remotely located customer we provide courier totally free of cost for return.

What type of data will be recovered?

We do no consider movies, source of software and downloadable or manageable items as data. Other then that required or prioritized data will be recovered based on your device condition and analysis.

Recover Your Data

How do I know when my data is recovered?

According to our process system as soon as your data is recovered you will be acknowledge. As well as in mean time you can check your updates on our site.

 What is process for remotely located customers?

For remotely located customer either they can provide us external HDD or Pen-drive according to size of data or we could purchase device on behalf of him and courier it to given address once payment is verified by account department.

Data Submitting

 How do customer collect data?

Once data is recovered we will acknowledge and you can remotely verify your data. And According to your size of data you need to provide external or internal storage drive (HDD) for data coping.

What if customer do not have storage disk?

According to our policy we do not copy data to patient HDD so it is mandatory to provide device for data copy. Customer also can make purchase of required drive from us we can make arrangements for that. 

Payment Terms?

We prefer cash payments only. But we also receive online payment such as PAYTM, GPAY etc. and bank transfer for remotely located customers.

Is it possible for dept amount?

According to our strict policy for accounting we provide data only after full payment as discussed.

World's Latest Tools

We have worlds latest tools for data recovery. With high success ratio.

Class - 100
Class-100 clean room  

We have all latest required tools and technology for successful data recovery.

Experienced Professionals  

 We are in this industry since 2001 with highly skilled professionals and countless happy customers.