Recovery From Oldest IDE HDD
Data Recovery From Oldest IDE HDD From 1st Generation

Data Recovery From Oldest IDE Hard Drive

Is there any hope of data recovery form oldest HDD like 40 GB IDE HDD? Exactly, who uses 40 GB of HDD now a days. Even pen-drives are 64/128GB. 

What about old software systems that only supports specific HDD since 20 years! Such HDD becomes  rare as time passes and parts for such specific HDD is more rare. As per our one of achievement we succeeded to get parts from our large inventory of more then 8000+ HDD. And also after dedicated efforts of our expert team and with right tools, we recovered full data even after HDD was internally broken.

Customer was so satisfied that he couldn't resist and said : “Amit sir, We are grateful that no one could but your team and its efforts saved our lives.” 
Recovery From Oldest IDE HDD
Arihant Data Recovery, Tirth Shah
25 January, 2021
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