Broken Motor Of HDD
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Exactly, we never heard that even motor on which HDD is running can be broke, Not until we saw it by ourselves. Its like heart of HDD is broken and its still managing to survive!

 There is no ventilator for HDD’s heart right? So what to do in such cases? Is it even possible to recover data from such HDD. 1st in-stings will simply deny. But with right spares,right tools and right expertise even that is possible too. It is difficult to find spares and tools for such cases but not impossible. 

After days of efforts and searching we found out solution we search for same type of HDD in our large inventory of 8000+ HDD, Which is as hard as finding needle in a haystack indeed. So after long process of head and disk replacement, and grate efforts of our expert team we got huge success.

Customer was so satisfied and high profile that he just said : “Amit sir, I owe you one huge. Ever required any kind of help respect to my power all you need to do is just call.” 


Broken Motor Of HDD
Arihant Data Recovery, Tirth Shah
22 January, 2021
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